Long weekend full of shows!  

This weekend I will be playing 3 shows! Two of which are not open to the public, unfortunately (I kind of feel like a spy when I play "private" shows...) because they are at the VIP tent for the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra's "Symphony Under The Stars" event (and unless you have a VIP pass, you can't come by. Sorry, pals!). But the other show I will be playing is with the full band out in Elk Island National Park, for their annual astronomy event! That's right! We are packing up our stuff and headed out to Elk Island Sunday. We may even camp overnight and try our hands at stargazing!

No matter where life leads you this long weekend, make sure you have a safe one and live that life of adventure!



Getting my Fringe on... 

For the month of August I will be taking a bit of a break from playing live shows, but still performing (I never sleep). I will be acting/singing/dancing in 2 shows at the 32nd annual Edmonton Fringe Festival, which runs from August 15th until the 25th. The first is a country musical called "The Rambler", where I play a jaded ex-girlfriend. The second is "Spearsical the Musical 2: Oops We Did It Again" where I play BRITNEY SPEARS. Maybe my biggest role yet (but who can really be compared to Ms. Spears in any way...). If you are looking for a fun show to check out, I highly recommend either of them (I may be a bit biased!).

For more information, or to buy tickets, go to www.fringetheatreadventures.ca/festival.php

Get ready for September though as I will have some amazing announcements coming your way!


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